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Hi All,

A University friend got laid off. He had bills to pay but luckily for now he had some money to get by. However, instead of going back to a 9-5 job he had he got in contact with me. This would be what he says was his best decision.

He let out his frustrations about his company. He had dedicated his life to them and they let him go no sweat. You know how it goes ‘It’s just business’. A term we learned how to use from University Business classes. He asked me to teach him how to be like me and work from home, on my schedule, on my terms, and do VERY well doing so.

I told him. He had learned a valuable lesson. If you want to do what I do. You must understand the companies you work for aren’t as loyal as they portray. If it’s in their best interest you’re nothing more than an Employee ID being deleted from the system by an underpaid intern. The market’s are the same. But the difference is this time you know you have to :

You Enter / Take what’s yours / And leave on your terms [Now YOU are the boss.]

I took him on as a student and began teaching him my business which was Foreign Exchange Trading. Unfortunately it was hard for somebody with a 9-5 job to understand these concept:

– Work anywhere you want?
– Low Investment start
– You’re your own boss that set’s your own work level and hours
– You promote yourself. The scalability is completely up to you. $10 to $100,000 a day you decide ($5.3 Trillion dollars being moved EACH DAY).
– The list goes on!

I end up doing what I do best. Getting down to business. I started to teach him as if it was a business course and in no time he was on his own way. I would get e-mails in the middle of the night with all caps letter excited that he’s seeing opportunities everywhere to a picture of his first week being a trader. Great job!

Since then my friend has been doing and living great. Now he has a friend who also got laid off at his ex-company and wants him to learn from me too. He recommended teach him in the same style and make it like a business course from going from start to finish.

I’ve usually just talked to traders and exchange ideas but not really teach with this one exception. That’s something I wouldn’t to do especially since I love what I do. But in my spare time I could put together a video course and let others learn.

Let me know what you all think!

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– Mitt